Arsenic Lobster poetry journal
Issue Fourteen
Summer 2007
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Traci Brimhall
Traci was born in Little Falls, MN but has moved seven times and now lives in New York City. She attends Sarah Lawrence College, where she is earning an MFA in Poetry. Some of the poems she has written while thirsty have appeared or are forthcoming in Slipstream, The Hiss Quarterly, Poetry Midwest, Kaleidowhirl, Tattoo Highway, Blood Orange Review and Wicked Alice.

Rob Cook
Rob is a high-functioning autistic (Aspergers Syndrome) living in New York City where he is a policy wonk at the Skidrow Penthouse think-tank. He has absolutely no money but lots of contributor's copies, which he plans on using to finance his off-the-charts school loan (over a hundred grand). All that money to discover James Wright (who he loves, but would have found sooner or later anyway) and the fact that he really has no knack whatsoever for the publishing industry. It's all about gimmick, target audiences, and bottom line, and he doesn't give a crap about any of that. He DOES have a book though, called Songs For The Extinction Of Winter, which came out recently.

K.R. Copeland
KR is not a lumberjack, trapeze artist, dairy farmer, bricklayer's assistant, cigar maker or waste paper packer. She is a poet, and also the Art Director of the online political lit-zine Unlikely 2.0. She has one chapbook, Anatomically Correct.

Jonathan Coppola
Jonathan lives on every state, Canada, et cetera, and spends weekend afternoons in the pocket of a faded moon. Although this seems quite sad, in fact, it's not. He has recently applied to five thousand six hundred twenty-two MFA programs--done primarily because of his Achilles' heel for hyperbole.

Nicole-Nzinga Darden
Nicole was born in Indianapolis, grew up in Rhode Island, lived in southern California for the last 5 years, and currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. Aside from being a professional nomad, she is currently pursuing her MFA in poetry. She has never been published but has great hopes (as is generally the folly of the very young).

Amber Decker
Born a scorpio in 1982, Amber spends her days wearing the dreary garb all too common in the field of law enforcement and dreaming up creative uses for her set of maximum security handcuffs. Her writing has appeared or will soon appear in Exquisite Corpse, Subtle Tea, The Rose & Thorn, Ostentatious Mind, and decomP Magazine. Sweet Relish, her first collection of poems, was published in 2002 when she was just 19. Currently, she writes, lives, and fights crime in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia.

Ted Lardner
Like August swallowing red-checked tablecloths, the final days of July, in the trees the sound of cicadas rose in the air and stayed, and the wheelchair in which Ted was pushing the old man back from a walk outside, sun on the man's hair, on the freckles on his neck, on the bare arms from the sheer sleeves of the summer shirt snaking, all of it, when they came to the hill, all of it went over-- suddenly, the man, the boy, the chair the cancer the visor shading the man from the sun, the sun, all of it plunged. Ted could never hold it back. So he did what you would do. In the plastic grips on the handles he made a prayer, and ran with it. The man in the chair, his checked hands folded in his sunken lap, he was done praying, so down they flew.

Mitchell Metz
A former All-Ivy football player, Mitchell is now a poet and stay-at-home dad with four young children. In his free time he plays hockey under the delusion it will somehow make him immortal. He is widely published. Most recently, his work has appeared in Redivider, Hiram Poetry Review, Roanoke Review, Poet Lore, South Carolina Review, and Fugue. He's been nominated for a Pushcart twice in 2006.

Michelle Morgan
Michelle recently moved home to Maine after deciding that she should probably sloooooow things down a wee bit. She has 5 cats and 3 dogs, and when she isn't writing she is usually picking animal fur up from the floor. She's published in The Banyan Review, Salt River Review, and JMWW. Her poem Homecoming was recently accepted for inclusion in the anthology Through the Kitchen Window, edited by Cynthia Brackett-Vincent and Carol Smallwood.

Claudia M. Reder
A biography for the author was not available on the publication date.

Peter Schwartz
Peter is the editor of eye and associate art editor of Mad Hatters' Review. He has hundreds of publications to his credit. He has appeared in Porcupine, Color Wheel, Remark, and Asheville Poetry Review to name a few journals. He is currently working on paintings to be exhibited at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery.

Julie Strand
Julie writes poetry that reflects family, place and other atmospheres. Most of her time is spent working and learning at Woodland Pattern Book Center in Milwaukee, WI where she is the Education Coordinator.

Jay Surdukowski
Jay is a New Hampshire poet, painter and lawyer whose poetry and related writings have appeared in journals such as Poet Lore, the New Hampshire Review, the Diagram.2 anthology, and the Michigan Journal of International Law. He likes lobster ravioli and purchased arsenic for his rock collection at a high-end rock shop last month in Boston (4 dollars, imported from China, disulfide and trisulfide variants available).

Seth B. Minkin
Seth's paintings show a private world of improvisation, spontaneity, humor, pathos, exaggeration and abandon. The images are often figurative, organic, personal totems reflecting his travels, and his interest in antiques and children's art. In close view, they can become highly abstract. He develops his paintings without preconceptions, letting the paintings take form from a matrix of inner-outer dialog, observation, and chance discovery. The paintings record a mnemonic journey; a metaphor rich with possibilities of surprise and reiteration. Seth has an MFA from Tufts University, Boston, MA and has had over two dozen exhibitions, the latest being "Out of the Jungle" at Glenwood Gallery, Chicago.
Visit his website at:

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