Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Forty-two
Winter 2016
Introduction to the Quantum Theory
Donald Raymond

Here where physics has spoken,
chalk is king — its dustmotes synecdoche
the laws we have derived with them:
adsorption of any moisture,
dispersion nearly like a gas,
though fluid motion cannot convey
this complexity – its failure to fill space
with anything but friction,
resistant to motion made against it,
neither solid nor fluid,
wave nor particle – possessing,
like the vacuum, this property
of being completely unexpected.
As she was, thought Schrodinger,
each time he turned to her,
the improbable forms his passion took,
as equations flowed from his pen
like blood through new veins.
But for now, the chalk is quiescent
haze in sunlight, an empty classroom;
silence in the after-hours:
a clock, the dust, and him,
desiccated fingers prey for the paper’s edge.
He makes a mark in red, sighs;
they are too eager to press on,
to experience entanglements,
quantum or otherwise.
He rubs the cracks in his skin,
turns a page.

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