Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Forty-two
Winter 2016
The Fury of Hummingbirds
           (for Frida Kahlo)
Alessandra Bava

That’s how I stare at the world with eyes that are gladiolas on fire and tears made of paint. My
eyebrows soar with the fury of hummingbirds, fluttering wings that are no sketched mask but strokes
of painterly revolution. My soul is a heartbreak blues that hovers the ocean stillness of the whitest
sheets, a canvas to my transfixed body, the vehemence of my hell. Here’s to the claws of an Erynyis
driving a bus (at night), slaying my own body to death in life, plunging my very nails in carmine oil-
color to lead me to this netherworld of art where I may at last rest in peace*.

*Frida means peace

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