Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Forty-two
Winter 2016
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Sharon Kennedy-Nolle
~ Unsound Conversation

Catori Sarmiento
~ Tuesday is a Crab

Bruce Alford
~ Love Poem

Armin Tolentino
~ Caterpillars

Alessandra Bava
~ 70s Blues
~ The Fury of Hummingbirds

Ann Howells
~ Love 101 ~ a Ghazal

Christina Seymour
~ Land of Amber Sky
~ Live Flower Necklace

George Kalamaras
~ The Color of Darkness
~ Forest Eunuch Sutra

Donald Raymond
~ Introduction to the Quantum Theory
~ Wizards

Stacy Skolnik
~ One with the Honey

Eating Lobster by Nancy Morgan Barnes
About the Artist