Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Forty-one
Summer 2016
Matt Nagin

Mark the boundaries of good taste, empty bank account,
reservoir, child with a tilak, place you ripped up your
bucket list; mark the days, balance sheet, your friend
Mark but not with a marker; mark hope, mark fear, mark
the death of all beginning, the reasons you let go of
yourself, the places your hair spilled; mark the
entertainments, war on TV, caskets, birthdays, holidays,
reason your speech didn’t go over as planned; mark the
poems published, acting classes attended, hours in a grim
cubicle, years since college, women who dumped you,
countries visited, hurts encountered, progress made,
plans scrapped, minutes until the apocalypse; mark it all,
mark it well, mark it as if you’ll never have a chance to
relive it; mark it as if doing so is all you have left.

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