Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Forty
Spring 2016
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Danielle Barnhart
~ Taking a Shower in an Empty House
~ sol·stice

Kryssa Schemmerling
~ How to Avoid Being Buried Alive and Other Tips for the Dying
~ A Philosophical Inquiry
~ The Annotated Alice
~ Skeleton Tale

Nicole Rollender
~ Refrain
~ Psalm to Be Read While My Daughter Sleeps

Flower Conroy
~ Gods Will Be Gods
~ I Wish the Train Was This Empty Every Day

Helen Wickes
~ Breakfast Accompanied by Fowl

Tim Staley
~ Mr. Mom at the Playground

Jessica Goodfellow
~ Hairpin
~ The Beginner’s Guide to Endings
~ K Street Hangout

Val Dering Rojas
~ 100 Retrograde Flowers
~ Zero Fucks About Love

Kathleen Kirk
~ Poison Ivy

Elizabeth Forsythe
~ I Order Jasmine Tea & John Orders Chamomile
~ These Are My Letters to John Keats

Michael Robins
~ Amarillo Catches Fire in the Distance
~ Museum of the Departed
~ This Showroom

Invitation to the Dance by Susan Medyn
Invitation to the Dance by Susan Medyn
About the Artist

Babette Cieskowski
~ Ars Antagonism

David Formanek
~ Arachnid Theory

Maggie Graber
~ Seasonal