Arsenic Lobster poetry journal
Issue Eighteen
Winter 2008
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Madonna J. Arsenault
Madonna was born and raised in Eastport, Maine and it is said that native Eastporters are an endangered species. She now resides in Machias, Maine where she is a student at the University of Maine at Machias and a member of the UMM Ukulele Club which performs throughout Maine and internationally. Madonna is a belly dancing, ukulele playing (not at the same time) mother of four. Along with writing, family, and all things music, she can be spotted on the back of a pearl white Harley Road King.

Margaret Bashaar
Margaret lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she co-hosts the city's only poetry cabaret, The Typewriter Girls, and dreams up various other literary shenanigans. Her work has been published in or is forthcoming from Caketrain, Taiga, A cappella Zoo, blossombones, and Boxcar Poetry Review, among others. Her favorite monkey is the spider monkey. It is important that you know this.

Chris Crittenden
Chris can often be found ululating in a hut in the woods, sometimes in ecstasy, more often in frustration, as he toils to cobble lines of poetry together. Once in a long while, a glowing beam whisks across him for a split second: the headlamp of a lost hunter, the pod-eye of a curious UFO, or, most rarely, a glimmer of literary fame. At other times, he is derelict, destitute, and declassé. Thank the gods for his amazing wife, Shanna, who keeps him warm in the dark.

Nicole Cartwright Denison
Nicole lives on a trout farm (yes, a trout farm) in the mountains of western North Carolina, is author of the chapbooks Purview to Undoing and Recovering the Body and is a Best of the Net 2008 nominee. Work is forthcoming in Spooky Boyfriend and WOMB and has appeared in blossombones, Blue Fifth Review, Ectoplasmic Necropolis, tattoo highway, Poetry Midwest, elimae and others. Photography has appeared in Stirring, Digital Paper and Lily. With founder Rachel Mallino, she co-edits Tilt Press. You can usually find her on the web, in the garden, or driving the river gorge.

Aaron Patrick Flanagan
Aaron was born and raised in southern West Virginia. He lives in Chicago and is an adjunct professor at Columbia College Chicago. He loves: family, friends, Aris Bordo, and Manchester United Football Club.

Brenda Hammack
Whenever Brenda begins to notice the honey-slimed walls of poetic purgatory, she recalls Edward Bear's response to Rabbit's "Hallo, are you stuck?" when the latter finds all drafts effectively blocked in his doorway. "N-no." Pooh pretends comfort. "Just  resting and thinking and humming to myself." And, though she's allergic to bees, she usually finds such humming to be cathartic in all sorts of situations. She expects it may prove useful in the event of premature embalming.

Kyle Hemmings
Kyle holds an MFA degree in creative writing and loves to cook, bake, and burn food. He also likes listening to The Beach Boys sing of an endless summer. He lives and works in New Jersey.

Russell Jaffe
Russell is a displaced Chicagoan living in New York City with his girlfriend and hermit crab pets. He is the founder and editor of the online blog / journal O Sweet Flowery Roses. He is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago's MFA in poetry program and is also a freelance professional wrestling journalist. His poems have appeared in Columbia Poetry Review, Ariel, Word Curves, and MiPOesias. Additionally, the lobster is his second favorite mollusk. The first is octopus.

Emily Jern-Miller
Emily, who has learned to embrace her hyphen, loves baby flying squirrels, vintage pyrex, and spraypaint. She managed to receive a BA from The Evergreen State College, somehow spent a summer at the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and if she makes it through the next few months, is going to pursue an MFA in poetry at California College of the Arts. If anyone knows of a cheap room in San Francisco, Emily would like to hear from you. She's quite happy living with mold, garbage, and lice.

Kasey Kasa
Kasey is a barista by day and word artist by night. She loves caffeine and roses in equal doses. She is 23, and a senior in college studying English with an undecided future. At the rate she's going, she'll probably be slinging four dollar lattes for a year before hopefully attending graduate school somewhere where she'll be getting paid to learn. Writing is cathartic for her, a quest to put the chaos of a bipolar mind into some form of controlled sense. Her life is her notebook: Wide-ruled and spiral-bound.

Brian McMillan
Brian is currently working on telling jokes without punch lines. He also enjoys writing about himself in the third person, and reading. He lives in Marquette, Michigan, with his wife, Hailey, and two sons, Jackson and Grant. His recent poetry has also appeared in The Aurorean. He has poetry forthcoming in New Orleans Review, and fiction in Takahe.

Lois Wills
Born in Dayton, Lois grew up as one of five children in the countryside of Ohio. Drawing since the age of three, her husband David's encouragement helped her to become a trained artist at College of Mount St. Joseph. As a wife and mother of three beautiful daughters and a lovely granddaughter, she had a career and home on a 123 acre farm. Her work allows her to travel and spend time with family and friends. With her life's journey and quest to paint better, she enjoys spending time with loved ones, nature, a good book, a long walk and getting out in the sunshine. She has won awards at the Eagle Springs Spring Art Exhibit, Georgia National State Fair, Cathedral Art Exhibit, and others.

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