Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Forty-three
April 2017
Dog Flowers
Darcy Smith

What dog nips my heels
tears at my pant leg
won’t stop

Won’t stop the gush of
flesh torn too fast
to see

To see the dog
he lurks behind
the broken fence

Broken I can’t bring
her back can’t outrun
this dog can’t mend

Can’t mend the missing
can’t call the barking dog off
can’t bring her home

Can’t brush her hair
why bother with fresh
cut flowers everywhere?

Flowers cut, can’t mend
can’t tuck back time, this cut
will fester past forever

Past the forever barking
past flowers swimming
the dog nips deeper

The dog won’t stop
flowers in every room
smell too strong

Too strong, can’t fight this
dog. Can’t fight for her, for
broken dreams, her flowers

Her flowers have fallen
can’t throw them out
don’t touch the petals

The petals have dried
swimming petals barking
flooding, don’t you see?

Don’t you see the dog?
Cut flowers fester
don’t touch her

Don’t move her petals
the smells too strong
don’t touch her

Don’t throw her out
her barking flowers
flood the room.

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