Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Forty-three
April 2017
What I Found When I Googled My Name
Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad

Immortal sun,
feeling good;
origin: Georgian;
and masculine;
Persian mythology,
kindness for eternity;
behind the name
she who discovers
the soul
of others;
origin: Russian;
meaning in Urdu,
affectionate person;
alternate spelling;
fifteen different
warrior in Shahnameh;
no well known
people found with it;
meaning unknown;
lovely pleasure,
feeling of goodness;
how popular
is the name in the US;
baby names;
thirty-three percent;
origin: Persian;
Old Persian;
full of love;
saturated with love; by
the fourth search
page, I wish
I had never bowed
to a new nickname,
seven years old,
one syllable,
his mouth had
no room for
an extra tongue,
neither did mine;
eternal (?) sun

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