Arsenic Lobster poetry journal Issue Forty-two
Winter 2016
Live Flower Necklace
Christina Seymour

I give myself a headache making realizations.
I’ve learned that artificial art—paint by number or adult coloring—isn’t the right kind.
These are all just things I say, I say, to not offend.
To be compelled takes first an inner compulsion
to draw corn on a large circle of moon.
The whole picture is: I can tell when he’s not listening,
and it’s usually when my voice takes that OK now… tone.
So why leave a cave when this chair on the shore is enough:
blond surfers, delicately buttered breakfast potatoes,
and an orange sun encircling us, labeled Honeymoon.
The trick is making the ordinary a heaven:
soft bells sloped toward the ground,
thick skinned concords fizzling in the honey and yeast,
the part where even if I’m alone I’m not alone so long as I’m there.

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